Friday, August 13, 2010

Captain's Log

I've had a blog before. I updated it with great frequency for several months, but then I fell off the wagon. But it seems like every educator is supposed to have a blog these days, so we'll see how well I do. Of course, I'm starting this at the most inopportune time: I go on my honeymoon tomorrow, and then the school year basically starts. So who knows when the next entry will be...

Anyway, I suppose I should introduce myself: My name is Mark, and I am about to start my second year teaching high school students math and computer science. I am currently in school myself, earning my master's degree in secondary education. Before I was a teacher, I was an engineer for four years. I am recently married, and I have an English bulldog named Superman.

So, what will you get if you read my blog? I'm not sure at this point. Probably some stuff on math. Probably some stuff on computer science. Probably some stuff on education. Probably some random thoughts. I'll just be happy if I can update this blog with relative consistency.

Anyway... welcome!